This blog started out as a curation site for articles related to ethical veganism and environmental ethics, but I guess it all just got too much for me and the site has now evolved into what I see as a chronicle of the fall of human civilisation.

Having been concerned about the Earth, the environment and how we treat fellow earthlings for over 40 years, but not seeing any changes in our human-centric viewpoint or behaviour, in fact things things seem to be getting worse, I see this blog now as a pointer to where things are inevitably heading, and it feels cathartic to get these thoughts out in the open.

I recently renamed the site to “veganarchist.uk” – based on joining “vegan” and “anarchist” – I’m not sure I really am an anarchist (I’m definitely vegan tho LOL), but the anarchist moniker seems to cover some of the ways I feel about the world – other words I might have used are subversive, heretic, maverick – basically rebelling against our current societal, cultural and governmental systems. This has led to me recently learning about “anti-civ”, something I intend to write more on.


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