Why Regenerative Agriculture Doesn’t Need Cows

Excellent article by Nassim Nobari in Counterpunch explaining why its the millions of micro-organisms in the soil that maintain soil health and lead to healthy plants rather than requiring grazing animals, as many regenerative agriculture advocates insist.

“Dr Amir Kassam closed his talk by bringing attention to the fact that he had not mentioned farmed animals, going on to say that many of the narratives that float around are based on an agenda other than truth-telling, like profit or other self-interest. In the case of farmed animals, the myths are that we need them, be it for their manure for nutrient cycling, on the grasslands for carbon sequestration, or other reasons. But the truth is that we don’t need them. Regarding manure, Dr. Kassam explains that it is nothing more than biomass pushed through a ruminant’s gut, you can leave biomass on the ground and it will be taken in by our friends the earthworms and termites”

Link to full article on Counterpunch

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